Tamales for All – Competitor Preview

Tamale VegIn the last in our series of  Competitor Previews, we are highlighting a few of our Vegetarian/Vegan category participants – Santuary Bistro and Decolonize Your Diet.  Both are bringing flavor rich entries that let their spectacular ingredients shine.  Be sure to get your tickets to have the opportunity to try these and all of the entries!

Sanctuary Bistro is a fine dining, plant-based bistro in the East Bay. By creating a sustainable bistro that is healthy for the planet, the environment and all living beings we create a sanctuary – a beautiful space to find peace while enjoying local, organic, healthy, vegan food with a farm to table philosophy.  Undoubtedly you will find sanctuary in their sweet potato and green chile tamale with a Mole poblano and verde sauce.

Decolonize Your Diet is committed to educating people about the health benefits of pre-Columbian foods (including chocolate!).  They will be making Xocolatamal: a dessert tamale featuring the perfect blend of nixtamal corn, Mexican cacao, and spices.

Their tamale will be one of a few entries that will take care of your sweet tooth!

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