Honoring the Mexican Tamale – Competitor Preview

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In Mexico, tamales are fiesta food — the edible equivalent of “Let’s Celebrate!”  Three of our competitors will be honoring that tradition with their entries — Moles y Tamales la Oaxaqueña, Evil Jerk with their Arubian Ayacas, and Alicia’s Tamales Los Mayas.  As you can see from the descriptions of their tamales,  a ticket to this event means you are in for quite a treat! You will get to taste some the diverse styles of tamales found throughout Mexico and your vote will help determine which one is named the best.

Tamales La OaxaquenaMoles y Tamales la Oaxaqueña will be bringing the flavors of Southern Mexico, with their delicious tamales made with mole in banana leaves, Oaxaca Style. Banana-leaf tamales are popular in Mexico as well as Central America.  The leaf releases oils in cooking that lend a delicate aroma to the food. They are proud to represent the flavors of their homeland Oaxaca, and to share with the Bay Area their mole which goes back to the roots of Mexico.

Evil Jerk will be making Arubian Ayacas.  In Aruba, families come together to prepare the ayaca to wake up their Christmas Spirit.  They listen to Christmas music while cooking creating a wonderful atmosphere.  Arubians adopted the Ayaca mostly from Venezuelan immigrants and altered it a bit to infuse an Arubian flavor. Evil Jerk’s variation is slightly sweet and equally savory and features spicy chicken and pork filling with raisins, a prune, and an olive, a pickle, and a mamma jeanette pepper, native to Aruba.

Alicia VillanuevaAlicia Villanueva of Alicia’s Tamales Los Mayas had a dream to start her own tamale cart as a means to spread her own Mexican traditions and customs. She had been making delicious tamales for her family and friends for years, and finally decided that it was time to let the rest of the world in on her amazing food.  She debuted her tamales at the 2010 San Francisco Street Food Festival and has not stopped growing her business since.   Her signature tamale contains chicken, a mix of vegetables and is topped with salsa verde.  For Alicia, the best tamales are stuffed with love, and the best people are stuffed with her tamales.

¡VIVA La Mexico!

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