Oaktown Spice Shop Helping Competitors Bring the Flavor

Oaktown Spice Shop
Viva Tamales’ tamale entries just got spicier! Thanks to a generous sponsorship by Oaktown Spice Shop, each competitor will have the opportunity to work directly with an expert to create a special spice blend that will take their tamales over the edge.  Oaktown Spice Shop, located on Lake Merritt, has an incredible variety of high quality spices from around the world.   Those making a more traditional tamale can select from a wide variety of dried chiles, herbs, and other spices common to Mexico and Latin America.   While our wildcard entries may choose to incorporate more exotic options like those found in the shop’s custom spice blends such as Persian Lime Curry or St. Basil’s BBQ Rub.   Regardless of their choice, the result will be delicious and you won’t want to miss it!   Have you gotten your tickets yet?!  $5 discount if you purchase in advance.

Oaktown Spice Shop - John & Erica

John Beaver opened Oaktown Spice Shop in January 2012 with Erica, his then girlfriend (now wife) and received East Bay Express’ Best Specialty Food Shop in 2013.  He and his staff have a wealth of knowledge about the herbs and spices they stock and will happily assist customers find just the right one to meet their needs.

Oaktown Spice Shop, 530 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610
Be sure to like them on Facebook, their posts are frequent and spicy

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